Rooms full of awe and wonder. An ingenious way of seeing the world full of light and colors. What U will see will shock U in many ways. Feelings of beautifulness, minimalism and emptiness all portrait by light and their artists.



Untitled [Marfa project], 1996. the chinati collection

Untitled [Marfa project], 1996. the chinati collection

James Turrel

Tunnel pieces – the inner way [1999]

Tunnel pieces – the light inside [1999]

ganzfelds – breathing light [2013]


installation view moderna musset/arkdes, stockholm [2015] photo: Andres sune berg

foundation louis vuitton, paris [2014]
photo iwan baan

space resonates regardless of our presence – monday [2017] tanya bonakdar gallery, new york 2017, photo: maris hutchinson

doug wheeler

psad synthtic desert lll [1971, realized in 2017], reinforced – bergalss, anechoic absorbers, neon, sound equipment, room : 5.8 x 17.2 x 8.1 m, installation view, solomon r. guggenheim museum photo by david heald

doug wheeler, lc 71 ny dz 13 dw [2013], reinforced – berglass – at white titanium dioxide latex, led light, and dmx control, 771 x 811 3/8 x 219 in [1958.3 x 2060.9 x 556.3 cm] [photo by tim nighswander, imaging4art][2014 doug wheeler][courtesy david zwirner, newy york /london]

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