U have evolved to appreciate composition and aesthetics once more. Your enjoyment of contemporary art, music and fashion is a testament to this.

“Defy those who say everything has been done.”

UNICA is comprised of artists, designers, producers, performers and creatives who embrace the ever-increasing pace in which the world – and all the paradigms that surrounds it – are evolving, but who also acknowledge and remain true to classical aesthetic values such as form, variation and unity.


Art is a fundamental element in our lifestyle. We like to collaborate with people in tune with their passions and their creative selfs.

“A unifying concept is often the backbone of an exceptional work of art”.

“Collaboration between artists is becoming essential towards cultural evolution. “

In a musical landscape of vanishing technical limitations and where collaboration between artists from all over the globe is becoming the norm, a label´s conscious and unique approach to achieving aesthetic unity within its catalog is becoming as important as the music it releases.

“The thread that holds that unique experience together.”

UNICA pays homage to the classical themes and aesthetic values with MUSAS: A series of nine releases in which forward-thinking producers are asked to go backwards in time and assume the role of the ancient artist divinely inspired by the muse.

Every LP, EP and single released by UNICA is part of a larger series of works unified by a single theme, concept or sound.

Our Basic Series was crafted with those qualities in mind. A style inspired by frequency waves, designed for your natural movement. Meanwhile natural fibers harmonize with your skin, giving U the ultimate comfort.

“The convergence point between music and fashion.”

Now imagine an eclectic collection designed and inspired by renown DJs and Producers with one thought in mind: Support for the artist. And what U obtain is the convergence point between music and fashion:
X – Series.

“To provide you with a sublime experience, we fuse those concepts with colors, textures and anything in between.

Join us in our search for ecstasy, meet us in the path towards unity and defy those who say everything has been done.

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