Damn! u know is hard to write this awesome article while listening to his sound. as the music goes the keys are pressed harder and harder. simply you cannot stop shaking your head to the rhythm of his groove. so u can understand what are we talking about, have a listen to his awesome mix:

Now that we are in tune with a good mix in the bakground let me tell u about his sound.

He has a special connection with good music, listening from great rock bands as the doors or deftones to progressive sounds as in steve lawler or hernan cattaneo.

As you can see he is well diversed in music and has now over 100 live performances, including international events with artists like Mind Against, Guti, Sabo, and many others.

Em boss loves nothing more than spreading the healthy electronic culture to new music enthusiasts.

we are now his fans and so u can be, by following him on his socials and updates on his future events and sounds.

until next time and remember: Be u – Be unique

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