Text:Leon Elyon

The information revolution has brought many blessings along. One of them is the possibility to watch your favorite artist through live streaming platforms like Boiler Room, Dance Trippin, Mixmag or Be-At. Unfortunately, technology has not gotten to the point in which U can fully experience the performance and the vibes. By vibes, we mean the physicality of the experience. The vibrations of the speakers thumping over your chest, the artist projecting its soul into the crowd, and dancing spirits releasing their energy over the dancefloor. Perhaps virtual reality might make it possible one day, but until then, here are 5 artists you have to see live.


One of the most interesting promises of electronic music, this young lad is a musical genius! According to Resident Advisor he has some of the best live acts on the industry. He is currently meditating on life and music, trying to find an undiscovered path in both. Working in new materials at the moment. No more words are needed to describe his work, U only have to see his live show at Cologne to understand why:


Mr. Lee Burridge has the perfect description for Lost Desert’s music: “A destination full of mystery”. A soothing and chill atmosphere is felt wherever Lost Desert sets foot on. His sets are characterized for beautiful melodies and positive vibes. Being present in his BPM Festival 2017 set was an extremely pleasant experience for us, everybody was dancing and smiling. If you want to get into that good mood, go watch his All Day I Dream appearance at Lee Burridge’s label showcase, in which he mixed “Expanding Consciousness” produced by Kosmas for UNICA records.


Matanza comes to break the traditional musical archetypes with his hypnotizing synergy on sonic arts. This trio of DJ’s formed by Vicente Vásquez, Luis Gálvez & Rodrigo Gallardo has absolutely enchanted every holistic raver over the world. Watching three minds become one musically, it’s a very special thing… More so, if they are doing a live performance while improvising to the flow of the moment. If you love latin american rythms and electronic music, these are the guys U have to keep on your radar. They are unica (“unique” in spanish), they are true shamans in their own art. Please take at least 5 minutes of your time and watch this boiler room at Tulum, a magical moment to be witnessed….

Purple disco machine

The remixer bomber! He is the artillery man responsible for multiple hits on the dance floor, bringing his unparalleled Deep Funk sounds and unique fusion of Disco, Nu Disco, Funk, House and Deep House straight to the world’s finest clubs and festivals in the country. If U are looking for a groovy night full of hapiness and smiles all around U, this Dresdenborn deep funk innovator is just the perfect choice for U. Be sure to see this artist live when U get the chance!

Stephan bodzin

Music came early for the german kaiser as his father was a experimental musician. It might explain the genius behind his performances, but there is so much more to it. We could write many paragraphas to praise the quality over Bodzin’s live sets, but that would be an understatement. This musical maestro has been hugely influential for the global techno scene, and his authenticity is the medular bone behind success. He mentions that “without it, everything would appear to be nothing more than a hollow shell”. He understands the importance of being in tune with one’s passions, granting him the gift of being unique.

Don´t hesitate whenever U get the chance to see them live. All of them have spent hundreds or thousands of hours to materialize their musical legacy for U to experience and delight. If you’re feeling spiritually enlightened, craving a melody or just wanna get groovy, follow them this summer!

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