If U are in LA is your lucky day or better said, month! This July there are fantastic art exhibitions at the moment and a few coming up, from abstract works to deceptively ideas of “home”. Just imagine a full day of inspiration provided by exceptional works of art. Don´t miss these 3 must-see art exhibitions:

80/50 quiet storm

Imagine two and three-dimensional abstract works of art: collages, sculptures, drawings, paintings and mixed – media, all wrap in a group exhibition by 12 artists. Each one of them contributes a unique medium and a “vantage point”to the exhibition. They are split into two particular parts of the 20th Century: those born before 1950 and those born post – 1980. Despite the clear generational gap between the two groups, U will find an enduring aesthetic pre- occupation with the quieter, more meditative potential of simple forms, minimal space, and sparse surfaces.

80/50 Quiet Storm will feature new and recent works by Austrian artist Anna-Maria Bogner, and LA-based artists Katy Ann Gilmore, Andy Kolar, Tom Mueske, Samantha Thomas, Devon Tsuno, Steve DeGroodt, Mieke Gelley, Gerald Giamportone, Lies Kraal, Don Suggs, and Jae Hwa Yoo.

JULY 15 – AUGUST 19 , 2017.

Home—So Different, So Appealing

Picture the deceptively simple idea of a “home” as a powerful lens through which U can view the profound socioeconomic and political transformations in the hemisphere. This group exhibition features art works from U.S. Latino and Latin American artists from the late 1950s to the present, covering art styles from Pop Art and Conceptualism to “anarchitecture” and “autoconstrucción”. Each of the artists in this show explore one of the most basic social concepts by which individuals, families, nations, and regions understand themselves in relation to others.

The show will include works by internationally known figures such as Daniel Joseph Martinez, Gordon Matta-Clark, Raphael Montañez Ortiz, Guillermo Kuitca, and Doris Salcedo, as well as younger emerging artists such as Carmen Argote and Camilo Ontiveros.

NOW – OCTOBER 15, 2017


As U know good art comes from pivotal moments of struggle in life. The ability to channel that pain and transfer it to the canvas is art in motion. For Will Day, who is singularly featured in this exhibition, art allows him to confront that pain and see the light at the end of the tunnel. This show celebrates the resilience in life. It explores the limits of the human condition.

“The modern artist is working and expressing an inner world – in other words – expressing the energy, the motion, and other inner forces.” Jackson Pollock Life is broken, glass fragmented pieces; the light shines through our sharp edges and hard times creating something truly stunning. In brokenness, in pain is light and beauty. Will’s art takes life on with a creative perspective revealing quintessential truths in all of us.

NOW – JULY 29, 2017

Get yourself a day full of inspiration with these 3 must–see exhibition in LA. You never know what will U be able to do or create once you see this exceptional works of art. Share it among those who love art as yourself.

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