Denature Records l All I Dream l Kindisch

Let ́s skip the introductions with this like minded artist who is not only pushing the boundaries of electronic music but also fuses ancient melodies with his beat to create a magical vibe all across the dance floor. So let ́s go straight to see his mystical yet amazing live show at Belvédère des Caillettes, courtesy of Cercle:

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Sonido Trópico / Alkemy / Nomade

Meet the creator and head of Sonido Tropico. The one and only Spaniol! When he is not touring around the globe, he gigs up psychotropical forest sounds at his town, Sao Paulo. Spaniol had a hell of a busy summer, playing non stop on Sysyphos Berlin, Acid Sundays at Ibiza and Shika Shika Paris just to say the least. Expect a fusion between shamanic forestall sounds and a down tempo beat. U will definitely will hear more from his label and his sounds. So without further due, have a listen:

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Talavera Records l Sol Selectas l Souq Records

We don ́t know much about him, except for his entrepreneurs and mystic vibe. Thomaz is not only a DJ and producer who is currently traveling between Woomoon Parties, Berlin, Paris and Tulum, but is also the man behind the new Talavera Records label. And if that was not enough to begin with he also has two groups called The Soul Brothers and POEM. He is quite busy and engaged with Soul Brothers at the moment, but be sure to keep him in your radar cause this one is definitely going to surprise U.


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San Miguel

Lump Records l Souq Records l Wild Fang music We love people who spread the word on love and electronic music. San Miguel is definitely this kind of fellow who as a creative and outgoing person shares with us his passion in many ways, as he founded “Einfach Liebe” a community of various artists and events all for the mission of love. He also established on his home town Berlin a record label called Phonothek Records. It is an extravagant journey hearing his music. U get this orient vibe full of mantras and cosmic awakenings but at the same time a rich deep sound. Give yoursel a favor and listen to his mix and tracks:

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Sol Selectas l Under Your Skin Records l Akumandra The world is a beautiful place full of magical moments. This duet gives U that feeling when U start hearing their music. Sharing similar ideas about sound and soon after playing in Bahrain at Soundscapes event they finally decided to collaborate together, bringing U this deep yet mystic sound:

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