nu disco groove with djeko


Introducing a fresh sound, a cool attitude and great music above all. we had the pleasure of getting together with DJEKO. A musician by nature well adapted in all kinds of genre, from jazz, hip hop, all the way to nu disco and dance music.

While editing this awesome shooting, we can’t stop playing one of his Dj sets. ladies and gents let me tell u is pure magic. Have a listen:

Now that u are in the mood and playing his set on the background, let me tell u another thing. this dj set is recorded with his best mate, K ́ yOU. DJEKO and K ́ YOU have formed a house duet, playing in venues all the way from playa del carmen to paris, always putting up a good show and a good groove.

by the way, he loved our expanding consciousness hat. too bad they are almost all sold out.

here is another surPRise for u. he also has a band called lemon mint, how awesome is that! we can debrief u all the good details, but AS u know an image says more than a thousand words or in this particular case, a video:

cool, right? it holds a nu disco groove, fresh and sound.

so before we leave, do one last thing and Get in touch with his groove by visiting him on his socials:

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