An artist ́s gaze over india and nepal

Photography and text:
Natalia Murga

We followed one of our favorites artists of the moment: Nat. On her recent journey to India and Nepal. She shares with us her unique thoughts and wild experiences. Be sure to enjoy the ride and share it among those who love to travel.

“The Beginning“

“Mumbai-Port “

The port is enormous! I like the contrast and its color.

“Mumbai-Books “

When you are on the street, there is always someone selling something. And this sir caught my attention selling this many books! I noticed as the sun goes down everybody quickly starts picking up everything and starts the next day, once again.

“Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus“

A liberty contrast, everybody is either seating on the floor, eating or talking. It is pretty shocking to see even rats among them.

“Arambol - Sunset “

I never seen a sun with that form, just like a sphere floating around. Normally we see them with light, but nothing like those sunsets. Every day is different in Arambol beach. People go on the corner and star meditating. It is super magical. There even is a market, you can literally mount your own mini stand there and sell something. People from all over the world go. U see art crafts, paintings, and also there is like a carnival - fire juggling thing going on. It has a gypsy vibe, but also a commerce one.

“Hare Krishna “

I saw them everyday dancing and stuff. The thing that caught my attention is that most of them were Russians. Yep, Russians! A little bit weird, they pass around with a microphone, those ear microphone - drums and speakers and all, dancing all around. They do it until the sun goes down.

“Enjoying the sun “

U can breathe the good vibes, it is a real magical experience. There is no need for any luxury whatsoever. U can go and camp. For example there was a Swiss guy preparing some sort of sangria, another one making a pie, and so somebody comes and asks U if U want to try it. Sometimes they give it away, others they sell it. Honestly U can eat all the time there and just relax.

“Confidents - Arambol “

It is a pretty picture. I saw kids all alone on the beach. They were really awakened. From that age they already had this liberty where they take care of themselves. You can tell they were really smart; of course the parents are there somewhere.

“Inspiration “

“Sri Virupaksha Temple-Hampi “

It is a mayor temple in the middle of the dessert. Everything is made of stone. Lots of temples. It is small area and there is also a small river, but above all is surrounded by monkeys!

“Hampi - Girls “

They have something with selfies. Is like the “Selfie fashion” just started there. People are pretty obsessed with it. U are walking,they come at U out of nowhere and ask “Can I selfie with you?”

“The Tungabhadra River “

“Contemplating Hampi “

Finally a moment! The best spot to see the whole city and its sunset. You climb the stony mountain for one hour and a half. Once you are up there, children come and give you chai or water. And well of course there must be a sequence where U can enjoy simple yet beautiful sunsets.

“Wildeness - Ooty“

On the way, U pass a natural reserve where U can go down and see elephants.


A small city where it seems U traveled in time to the 70 ́s. Everything is so laid back and the prettiest thing U can see is a huge botanical garden.

“Muziris Biennale-Kochi“

An international contemporary art exhibition. Really good one!

“I have a dream - Kochi“

“Magic and architecture - Nepal “

This place is called Patan. Is more oriental. U can see it on the people, their architecture and their way of living. They’re more chill, not so intense as Indians. You kinda rest a little bit.


It is a puff pastry filled with potato and other spicy stuff. It is so good!


A Buddhist stupa. It is gigantic!

“Fireflies door”

The most surreal lodging I have ever stayed. It is called Fireflies hostel. The people there are living personalities. The manager is a really short fellow, really cool though. People from all over the world are there as well, really groovy, most of them artists. And so the place is filled with art. It is a home so you feel this vibe, a family vibe. There are people from every age. From 18 to 25 to 30 to old folks. Also U can make a trade collaboration, so I ended up painting the door in exchange - staying for free for a few nights.


A lake surrounded by the Himalayas, a really magical place. U feel like you are inside a fairy tail.

“Nepali look”

There is lookout where you can catch a good glimpse of the Himalayas. On the way, there was this kid that caught my attention, especially his outfit with his earning, hat and fabrics. He had a really good look.

“The Himalayas”

One of the reasons people go to the Himalayas is for trekking. U have to do it for at least 3 or 4 days. 6 – 7 hours per day walking until you get to the top. This is something I want to do in the near future, but I have to be more prepared for it. Like this dude flying, U see more people doing it. Looking up, U see lots of colorful dots, all of them like this flying dude.

“Back to India - Jaipur”

Now that I had my visa, I ́m back in northern India! The trains at the station are rough U pretty much can sleep there if U like . Chai sellers go up and down. Everything is safe but intense.

“Pink City”

All the architecture U see is that color, pinkish. The place in the center is really touristy.

“Dessert Gaze - Jaisalmer”

He is really natural; I like that about taking pictures, where he is not looking at me. And his outfit looks amazing.

“Here I Rule”

Part of a camel-tour U can try on the dessert .

“Here I Rule - Pushkar”

A really commercial place. They sell lots of fabric and lots of food. It is really a hippie place. You walk and cows chase you everywhere.

“Holi Festival-Rishikesh”

A demonstration of how you end up during the Holi festival :).

“Ganges River”

Everything is yoga. Everywhere here is for a yoga course. It is a really different energy. It is a spiritual place. U feel different.

“Fire Ceremony”

In Rishiskesh I took a yoga teacher ́s course. This was the way they finished it.

So this is the end of the cycle, and my recommendation to U is: Travel with an open mind, go without prejudice, don’t go on a luxury trip. Go back-packing, go on a train, drink chai on the streets. Experiment the culture. Meet the locals. It is important that U learn how they live because at the end that is what you ́ll get as a souvenir, life ́s perspective. Most of the locals are really curious they stare at you a lot, but don’t be spooked by it since it is just curiosity at its best.

As for my personal experience, what I got from this marvelous trip is that liberty U can only get through spirituality, none from materials. It is the only way U can truly feel connected to one another. U don ́t depend on others to be happy. When U understand this, U are truly free.


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